Optimizing Your Office for a Changing Workplace Culture

By October 16, 2023 Commercial Real Estate

In the wake of COVID-19, office culture and use have experienced a transformative shift. Businesses and employees have embraced new working methods, emphasizing flexibility, collaboration, and well-being. Here at Bluewater Properties, as a full-service commercial real estate company, we welcome these changing demands and want to help you navigate them. In this blog, we’ll explore how you can optimize your office space to accommodate shifting workplace cultures, from signing the right lease to embracing co-working and hybrid schedules.

Prioritizing Employee Needs 
Employee comfort and well-being are now at the forefront of workplace culture. Location, convenience, and amenities take center stage. Ergonomic furniture, flexible spaces, and natural lighting all affect employee well-being. When deciding what is best for your office, ask for employee input to create a welcoming, comfortable, productivity-enhancing environment. 

Office Space Matters
Considering your business needs and the evolving workplace culture are key to picking the right space for you. Think about location in terms of proximity to restaurants and green spaces, and consider office layout for collaboration and private meetings. 

Signing a Lease That Suits You
Review the length and flexibility of your lease, read all the contract details, and get advice from a trusted colleague or legal advisor before signing. Look into what modifications you are allowed to make to the space, and keep a record of all payments and repairs. Check out our post, Read (and Reread) your Commercial Lease for more in-depth information. 

Embrace Co-Working 
Found the perfect space, but it’s bigger than your needs? Are colleagues also looking for a space? Co-working is a great way to bring people together, create networking opportunities, and share resources. Not only does it promote professionalism in the workplace and offer a space to exchange ideas, it’s also cost-effective. 

How to Navigate Hybrid Schedules
Maintaining a physical office space that supports hybrid work is crucial to balancing both remote and in-person productivity. Blending collaborative and private spaces, making the office space inviting, and keeping in mind location when organizing meetings are important. Consider why employees want to or need to be at the office, and try cultivating those aspects when choosing your space. 

Optimizing your office space in this evolving world and changing office culture is about staying flexible, meeting employee needs, and embracing innovative trends. By signing the right lease, choosing the right space, and prioritizing the well-being of your team, you can create an office environment that adapts to the changing times and supports your business’s success. Buying or leasing, Bluewater is here to help! If you’re looking for the perfect functional modern office space, contact us today. 

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