How to Choose the Right Space for Your Business

By April 17, 2023 Commercial Real Estate

Success at just about any company is directly impacted by the work environment—for better or worse. So, finding the right office space for your business can initially feel like an overwhelming responsibility! With so many options and details to consider, how do you find the best fit for everyone?

Choosing a commercial space that best suits everyone’s needs is no small task, but it doesn’t need to be complicated. Consider these tips before you start searching. 

1. Ask Yourself if You Really Need to Rent Space
Your first priority should be to decide if the costs of renting and maintaining an office space are worth it for your company. What tasks can your employees do remotely? Is there anything that absolutely must be done in person? If not, maybe the company funds would be best directed elsewhere.

2. Decide What Needs are Non-Negotiable
While some office features or amenities aren’t critical (such as a gym or designated parking), others may be essential to the success of your business.

An office space’s size, ceiling height, the number and proximity of bathrooms, lighting, storage space, and countless other elements can directly affect your team’s ability to work. Identify the most pressing needs beforehand, and stick to them as you tour commercial spaces.

3. Choose the Location Strategically
Your employees won’t be the only people affected by the location of a new office space. Clients, vendors, and suppliers should be considered as well. For example, if your company serves families with small children on-site, you should avoid areas parents would feel are unsafe or that are not kid-friendly. If suppliers need to make frequent visits, choose a building they can reach and park at without difficulty.

If your customers or clients don’t visit, consider what would make an office location ideal for your employees. How long will it take for them to commute? Does the neighborhood reflect the desired image of your business? Is it safe? Consider acceptable noise levels as well, whether you need peace and quiet or a place to make noise without stirring up the neighbors.

4. Plan Ahead for Company Growth
Projecting growth can be difficult, especially for new businesses. So avoid renting a commercial space that’s too small too quickly! Ideally, you will rent an office space with enough room to grow, but not so large that it’s being wasted. Look for a place slightly larger than you need, even if it requires spending a little more money now.

Feeling Ready to Rent?
With these pointers in mind, you are better equipped to find the best rental space for your company! Professional help is also available from Bluewater Properties, should you need it. We are a full-service real estate company located in historic Northfield, Minnesota.

Bluewater Properties specializes in Property Management, Association Management, Brokerage, Leasing, Development, Investment, and Consulting. We strive to provide solutions and strategies for our clients that are unique to their situations and ideal for their needs.

Contact us via phone at 507-646-4023, or email to start a search for your new office space!

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