Meet the Driving Force Behind Bluewater’s Brokerage Services: David Aase

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In the dynamic commercial real estate world, David Aase stands out as a true innovator and entrepreneur. Our Director of Brokerage Services recently discussed his journey, experience, and vision for Bluewater Properties.

A Journey Inspired by a Book
David’s story began at 14, with a book that influenced his professional path. “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki sparked in him a passion for real estate and entrepreneurship, following in his parents’ footsteps. His career choice was inspired by a desire to invest and work with something recession-proof and fundamental, like property and buildings.

Education and Early Career
David’s college education focused on real estate and entrepreneurship. His early career included a variety of experiences, from leasing apartments and managing home associations to working for a private real estate investment trust in Fargo, North Dakota. Each step was a building block, leading him toward a deeper understanding of the commercial real estate industry.

The Bluewater Chapter
The transition to Bluewater Properties was a natural progression in David’s journey. His connection with Chris Kennelly, owner of Bluewater, led to a highly successful partnership. David’s Northfield roots made his transition to Bluewater even more meaningful, combining his professional goals with his connection to the area.

A Day in the Life
David’s role at Bluewater includes working on proposals, leases, letters of intent, and more. He describes his typical day as a blend of client meetings, working through deals, and managing listings. Every day brings something new, which suits his personality perfectly.

Success Stories and Client Relationships
One of David’s most rewarding experiences at Bluewater was helping a local entrepreneur transition from a garage to a commercial space for his business. Stories like these, helping someone’s dreams materialize, make David truly enjoy his Brokerage Services role.

Bluewater’s Community Contribution
David takes pride in Bluewater’s role in fueling the economy in Northfield and beyond. From helping businesses find the right space to facilitating regional growth, Bluewater is more than a property management company; it encourages community development.

The Future of Bluewater
Looking ahead, David envisions growth for Bluewater, both in terms of geographical reach and service offerings. He sees potential in expanding Bluewater’s reach throughout Minnesota and beyond, leveraging technology like AI to enhance services.

A Vision of Change and Growth
David Aase is not just the Director of Brokerage Services at Bluewater Properties; he’s a visionary, a community builder, and a driving force in the commercial real estate sector. His journey from a young reader to a key player in Minnesota’s real estate landscape is a testament to his perseverance and intelligence. With David in charge of brokerage services, Bluewater is set for an exciting and impactful future!

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