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By November 29, 2022 Your Office

Did you know that, on average, one-third of your life is spent at the office? Since your workspace could be considered a second home, make sure your time there is productive and positive. An office and each workspace should inspire creativity, encourage collaboration, and create an environment that promotes efficiency. Below are five ways to optimize your productivity at work!

  1. Declutter! A cluttered space is distracting and can waste time. Have you heard of the book, Make Your Bed by Admiral William H. McRaven? It outlines how little things can change your life. Similarly, cleaning your workspace can boost confidence, increase creativity and benefit your overall mood. Make sure everything, including your cell phone, has a space and won’t distract you. Clean and disinfect surfaces you consistently touch and try to eat lunch in a different area while socializing with colleagues.
  2. Upgrade your chair! While many people utilize a standing desk (or even a treadmill!), odds are you will still spend long hours sitting. Make sure your chair is comfortable, durable and offers lumbar and back support. The chair should provide a variable armrest, swivel mechanisms, and an adjustable height – generally between 16 and 21 inches. An independent review of office chairs was recently completed by the New York Times and listed their top picks.
  3. Add a plant! Adding greenery looks great and offers mental benefits. Studies have been done to show that plants in the workspace can actually reduce stress and increase productivity! According to a Wall Street Journal article, some of the most highly recommended office plants include a Peace Lily, Bamboo Spiral, Cast Iron Plant, ZZ Plant, Pothos, Snake Plant, Chinese Evergreen, and Spider Plant. Visit their site for additional information, such as care and durability.
  4. Consider your nose! You might be surprised to learn that different scents can significantly impact productivity. has a great infographic that describes which scents can help with problem-solving, performance, attention, and recharging. Did you know that a citrus scent can increase alertness? Or that peppermint can help to sustain your attention?
  5. Personalize! If someone walks past your workstation or office, does it look like a vacant guest office, or does it include décor that portrays who you are and what you have accomplished? Knickknacks and career memorabilia not only look great, but they can also provide motivation! Frame and hang your achievements, such as an accreditation, certificate, diploma/degree, etc. They are reminders of your hard work and ability to be excellent and successful at your job.

Other suggestions include completing dreaded tasks first, eating for sustained energy, and taking short breaks to walk around the office or meditate. We also discussed the importance of lighting in a previous blog. And, when in doubt, talk to your employees and colleagues! Get their input on what works for them and discuss possible changes. Many things can impact productivity, so take steps to add or adjust things within your control!

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