Why Should You Cowork?

By April 12, 2016 September 12th, 2017 Blue Inc.

Coworking spaces are a unique work environment designed to foster productivity and connection. These work spaces are focused on collaboration and growth amongst members of all industries. Professionals inclusing Foundr magazine, Harvard Business Review, and Time Money agree.

How can you decide if coworking is right for you?

Your office gets lonely.

In need of the thrum of energy that comes from a creative, collaborative environment? Missing those water cooler conversations? Coworking spaces are filled with unique businesses and people, lending plenty of energy to your work environment!

You could use some inspiration.

In a small organization, tunnel vision is only natural. Exposing yourself to new people and businesses in a coworking space is a great way to shake the slump. Coworking spaces are a place for lawyers, designers, consultants, and more

The overhead cost of an entire office is far too high.

Your office space shouldn’t run your organization’s funds dry. A coworking space offers a unique opportunity to have your own office space without the high overhead of an entire building. Additionally, you can avoid the restriction of a typical lease agreement, allowing more flexibility in your organization’s future. Blue Inc.’s private office spaces come fully furnished, and ready for you to dive right in. Interested in just a conference room rental? That’s an option, too!

You enjoy making new professional connections.

Looking for new, creative ways to grow your business? One way is to grow your network. While you might not walk into work every day looking for new connections, you can always be surprised by your “coworkers”, their ideas, and the potential collaboration for your organization!

Want to learn more?

Blue Inc. will be located off Highway 3 in Northfield, near local food and coffee shops such as James Gang, Gran Plaza, and Fielders Choice. Interested in renting a space? Contact us today!

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