Tips for moving office spaces

When it’s time to move, no time can be wasted.  

Keep your motivation going strong by creating a structured office relocation plan. That way, you can keep your team on track and you clients and customers in-the-know. Don’t let anyone get left behind! Your business has big plans — make sure your move goes as smoothly as possible with these tips from Bluewater Properties.  

Be strategic  

Make a move that makes sense! When selecting your new office space, ensure that it meets your needs. You don’t want to be moving just for the sake of moving. Consider square footage, amenities, location, accessibility, and layout. Figure out which elements are most important to your business and why. This will help you prioritize. Make sure to shop around, as well. You don’t want to sign the very first place you see just because it’s convenient. You never know what you could be missing, so it’s best to be thorough!  

Plant the seed early on 

Moving can be stressful! It’s best to maintain clear communication from the get-go. Once you have decided on a new space and layout, share that with your employees so they know where they’ll be working. Consider including photos or renderings in your communication strategy. Things employees will be thinking about are commute, if it changes their routine for childcare, etc. It is important to have a feedback process that allows for these concerns to be addressed. During the move, your office may need to close to enable all the final packing and moving. Make sure this is communicated both externally and internally. 

For internal, have signs posted in your current space. For external, make sure you have you signage figured out for the inside/outside of the new office so the transition of the company and branding is consistent. Make sure to update addresses on your website/social media pages. It’s also a good idea to share images of the new location in posts on social media. 

Make yourself at home as efficiently as possible 

We all know the feeling: you’re all packed up, you make the move, and you’re so exhausted that you simply want to let those boxes sit…for as long as possible! This may be okay to do when you’re moving house, but it’s a little different with commercial properties. Consider this from the perspective of your customer: would you want to walk in to a building that feels unfinished and unsettled? Make a good impression and prioritize unpacking and setting things up as quickly as possible. Not only will your customers notice the effort, but you’ll be off to a great start in your new commercial space! 

Update and communicate 

Helpful ways to increase communication about your move can include:  

  • Updating your existing collateral with your new address 
  • Creating a press release to send to media outlets 
  • Create new collateral that can announce your move externally 
  • Send an email and post on your social media accounts to announce the move 
  • Update your address on platforms like Google, Yelp, and your website  

Get your plan in to place. Contact Bluewater Properties for help in your unique journey for a commercial property move.  

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