Searching for the right commercial rental solution can feel a lot like… settling.

If a traditional office space doesn’t work for your business, then don’t keep investing your time and energy into looking at the same type of rentals over and over again. Just because a rental is within budget, doesn’t mean it’s the right fit. You are allowed to be picky. You are allowed to find a commercial rental that works for your unique needs!

At Bluewater Properties, we believe in the value of variety. We purposefully fill our portfolio of available properties with a selection of different sizes, shapes, and locations. We offer more traditional commercial spaces as well as rentals that veer from the norm. It’s our way of providing solutions that have an impact.

When it comes time to find a commercial rental for you and your team, what kinds of spaces should you be looking for? Aside from considering your specific budget, square footage, and amenity needs, it is important to ask this question in relation to the type of building as well — which includes all of its features.

So, let’s talk about unique properties. These are the kinds of rentals that offer something unexpected. They’re not your average rental. Using some of our own available properties as examples, let’s discuss some of the benefits that unique rentals can bring:

  • No wasted space. In rentals like our Salon Suites location on Division Street in Northfield, tenants have the opportunity to rent a single (or double) stall instead of an entire building. This eliminates the pressure of utilizing and maintaining a full building, but still gives tenants the proper space and exposure needed to conduct business successfully.
  • Open-concept floor plans. At 205 Water Street South in Northfield, offices are manageable for small and medium-sized teams alike, with attractive open-concept layouts. Open spaces are an increasingly popular option for businesses, as they promote a more collaborative team environment.
  • Access to more exposure and foot traffic. As we get further into the warmer months of the year, foot traffic becomes an even more valuable form of exposure for your business. Rentals like those in the Heritage Square Retail Center in Northfield are ideal for some foot traffic and additional business exposure due to their proximity to other businesses in the square, as well as Highway 3. Ample parking and walkability from one business to the next provides a great opportunity to bring in more customers!
  • Access to shared spaces and additional amenities. Renting in an area like the Northfield Community Resource Center gives tenants access to shared spaces that they may not otherwise have available to them. In the context of the Community Resource Center, this includes the entire community center, senior center, and subsequent service offices. In other situations, it could include break rooms, fitness centers, and more.

The list doesn’t stop there! Discover more about what unique rental spaces can do for YOU. Contact the Bluewater Properties team today!

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