Steps to Buy or Lease a Commercial Space

So, you own a business. You are passionate about the products or services you sell. You love your employees, and you love being your own boss. But what happens when business starts booming? When do you really need to move out of your home office/online store and into an official brick-and-mortar space? Or, is it time to find something larger with a storefront? What if you find a new area where your industry is moving? The answer to these questions is to find a commercial space to buy or lease. Here are a few steps to help you find the right retail space for your business.

  1. Take notes – When shopping at other local small businesses, take note of which features you love and which ones you hate. Does that shoe store have tons of storage? Do you need outdoor space for your items? Who do you want your neighbors to be?
  2. Talk price – Chat with your business associates, financial advisor, etc. about what your business can afford. Usually, leasing cost is determined by dollar/square foot. Don’t forget to factor in other costs such as maintenance, property taxes, utilities, etc.
  3. Consider location – Is it important that your business be close to your home? Do you want to be in a bustling downtown area, or do you require more space?
  4. Consult the experts – The right tenant representative will get to know your needs, represent you as you tour properties, and advocate on your behalf. Bluewater is proud to offer these services to you.
  5. Practice patience and perseverance – Your business is an integral part of your life. You want to find it the right home, and so do we.

Check out our list of available commercial spaces and contact Bluewater today!

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