Chris Kennelly recently gave a presentation that explained the basics of real estate investing. If you have an interest in Real Estate and have considered purchasing rental property than it’s important to consider the benefits and risks of owning an investment property. Chris discussed these benefits and risks along with crucial items like finding the right financial sources as well as locating and analyzing the best opportunities to invest in.

So…what IS important when it comes to Real Estate investing?
First off, keep in mind the well-known single family residential slogan; “Location. Location. Location.”.  Next, a new slogan to add to your repertoire,  “Market. Underwriting. Execution.” – doesn’t quite roll of the tongue as well does it? Which is why you need to find the right partner to assist you in your new investment and walk through the four key areas of execution with you;

  1. The right valuation
  2. The right financing
  3. The right plan and team
  4. The right exit

If you’re someone who is interested in Real Estate investment or perhaps you’re a business owner renting your space and asking yourself, “Should I buy my building?”. Give Chris a call! He’ll walk through the process with you and help explain when and if that would make sense for you (and your business).

Chris’ contact information:
Chris Kennelly
Bluewater Properties | President
D: 507.646.4040


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