Perfect Gifts for Administrative Professionals Day

Today is Administrative Professionals Day! Is there an individual in your office who comes to mind when you think of the “glue” or “backbone” holding your office together and keeping things afloat? Here are 10 ideas to show your appreciation for their skills and hardwork, a great way to recognize your support staff on Administrative Professionals Day:

  1. Gift Basket – Here are some unique options for just about anyone!
  2. Plant – Ikea is a great place to get just about any type of plants
  3. Goodies – Like a box of cake truffles to celebrate!
  4. Water Bottle – Look at all these fun designs from Swell
  5. Digital Picture Frame – They can show off pictures of their family, friends, pets, or adventures
  6. Give Them a Day or Afternoon Off – Who doesn’t like time off, am I right?
  7. Gift Cards – Put some thought into unique places they might enjoy based on their interests
  8. Buy Them Lunch – What is their favorite place around town?
  9. Bullet Journal – Barnes and Noble has a great how-to beginners guide
  10. A Parking Place – has some unique and fun sign ideas

Regardless of what gift you decide to give, it is truly the thought that counts. Make sure to take into consideration each persons interests to give your gift a personal touch. Remember to say thank you today, and everyday, throughout the year!

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