How a Drone Can Benefit Your Business

By August 27, 2018 Our Company, Uncategorized

Drones can be very useful and give your business a competitive advantage. This new technology is exciting, but is also in its early stages for the industry. You will continue to see more applications and programs associated with drones to come. A drone can be a great tool for businesses and our summer intern is here to give some advice and insight on his experiences using a drone in our industry.

Where did gain your drone knowledge?

“A past internship really got me in-tuned with the digital marketing side with video and drone footage. There was another intern who flew the drones and made cool videos, so that is what sparked my interest. It is definitely a lot hard than I initially thought it would be.”

What are the benefits of a drone for a company like Bluewater Properties?

“Beyond the drone, video marketing is where trends are going. It helps offer transparency to what is being offered by the company. It shows more of the property than just a photo and can give cool shots and a birds eye view. Those unique perspectives are what will give you an edge in the industry.

For a company looking to get into drone usage, where should they begin?

“Do your research. YouTube is a great source to see what is our there for drone footage and reviews on drones for your business. Maybe start by borrowing one if available or do your research and pull the trigger to make the investment to get your own. You will really learn as you go. But it is a good idea to have a general idea of how to use it.”

What type of programs do you use to edit the footage?

“You should have an idea of the footage you want before you fly it so you are not just aimlessly flying it around and not getting quality shots. Anyone can fly the drone and get videos, but it takes the skill of learning the post editing to make you stand out. Some programs you can use include: Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Premiere, and there are many others out there.”

Are those programs hard to use? How would someone begin to learn those?

“Again, watch YouTube tutorials, follow influencers, and just know it is going to take a lot of trial and error.”

What is the most challenging part of using a drone?

“Trusting the drone. Knowing the technology is there for a reason. You don’t have to always have your eyes on it. You can know and trust it’s not going to crash unless you control it wrong.”

What about fly zones and permits?

“You register your drone through the FAA (Federal Aviation Association). It takes about two minutes, and then you get a certificate. Abide by their rules – learn the rules in your area for fly zones to avoid heavy fines. Depending on your technology, the app you use to control your drone has an aerial map and may show you where you can and cannot fly. If you fly into a no-fly zone, it will notify you.”

Any words of advice or lessons learned?

“There is good and bad drone footage out there. The difference is in the quality. Anyone can fly a drone and take footage, but it comes down to how you put it together in an artistic way that will make you stand out from the competition.”


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