Four Spooky Offices

By October 1, 2014 Your Office

We can’t wait for Halloween! Can you? If you’re planning on celebrating Halloween in your office this year, don’t forget to set some decoration and costume guidelines for employees. Make sure your employees understand what is appropriate to wear/bring to the office and what is not. Ask employees to hold off on “loud” or distracting decorations, like jingling chains or talking skeletons. Lastly, don’t forget to set out a bowl of candy for your employees. For more Halloween inspiration, take a look at these four spooky offices!

1. Scary iSpy – This cubicle pulls out all of the Halloween stops. It would be hard to get any work done in this massive spider web! But we have to admit, the rat adds a nice touch. Can you spy a Pixar toy?













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2. The In-N-Out Burger – Nothing beats the classy In-N-Out Burger cubicle decoration. We would be craving delicious cheeseburgers all day long. What do you think the Minnesotan version would be? A giant Jucy Lucy?

cubicle-caption-this-28383417801 (1)












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3. Under The Sea – We have to give this cubicle points for creativity! From the well-crafted plastic jelly fish dangling below the blue streamers to the shark looming in the background, this cubicle does an outstanding job of painting an undersea scene.


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4. The Dungeon – None shall enter and none shall leave. We love this menacing, yet simple office Halloween display. Again, another great use of streamers for dungeon bars. The creepy monster hands protruding from the file cabinets really pull these scary decorations together.


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