Crafting a Seamless Business Relocation Communication Strategy

By September 26, 2023 Commercial Real Estate

Relocating your office is a monumental step, and one of the pivotal elements to ensure it’s smooth sailing is having an effective communication strategy in place. This strategy should keep internal stakeholders (like your employees) and external ones (like customers, suppliers, and vendors) in the loop. 

Here’s a blueprint for creating a successful communication plan for your office move:

1. Initiate Early Conversations / Simplify the Changeover 
As soon as you’ve set your sights on a new location, keep your team informed. Sharing photos or architectural representations of the new space can help them visualize their future workplace. Understand that while some might welcome the change, others might have reservations. Address concerns related to altered commuting patterns, childcare routines, and more. Remember to announce any temporary closures during the moving phase to all relevant parties.

2. Efficient Channels / Uniform Messaging 
Internally, consider posting updates in common areas. Externally, ensure the branding transition is smooth with consistent signage inside and outside the new office. Update your digital presence with the new address, including your website and social platforms. Tease your audience with glimpses of the new location through engaging social media posts.

3. Essential Tools and Platforms 
Before the move, revise any promotional materials with the updated address. Consider crafting a press release to announce the move and decide on the best distribution channels. Design engaging materials, like flyers or postcards, to notify external partners and clients about the relocation. Make a checklist of platforms where your address is listed, such as Google, Yelp, or Yellow Pages, to ensure they’re updated promptly.

4. Showcase Your New Location / Welcome Feedback 
Leverage various channels to spread the word – from paid Facebook ads to a dedicated blog post detailing the move. Share the excitement of the relocation journey with candid shots of the moving day. Recognizing that relocation can be taxing, consider hosting a celebratory event, like an open house or a party, for your staff and clients. For those who can’t physically attend, a virtual tour can work wonders.

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