Connecting with Community

By April 10, 2020 Community

At Bluewater Properties, community matters. Not just now, but always.

However, we understand that the idea of community looks a little different right now. We’re all adjusting to a new normal, even if it is only temporary.

Human interaction and connection to community is something that we’re all craving. It can be difficult to maneuver during social distancing, but we have some tricks and tips to help you fill up your cup — and the cup of those around you!

  • Order takeout. Many of you have probably already done this step, but it is worth repeating! Do your research — check out which restaurants in your area are offering takeout and/or delivery. This could be subject to change, so make sure you’re checking in on your favorite spots. For those of you in Northfield, check out the Northfield Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Facebook It’s a great place to start for small business updates in the community!
  • Chalk your sidewalk. One of the easiest ways to brighten up your neighborhood is through something that many of us already have in our garages — sidewalk chalk! Get the whole family involved and create all kinds of designs. Maybe even throw in some encouraging statements. People driving and walking by will thank you!
  • Host video chats — often! We are lucky to live in an age where technology is so readily available. Suggest weekly video chats with your friends and family — take the initiative on setting them up! Checking in with loved ones is ALWAYS a good idea. Many people are using Zoom to do this. Are you new to this program, and unsure on how to get started? Check out the resources on Zoom’s website.
  • Ding-dong ditch — to leave your neighbors a gift! For those of you who live in a neighborhood in town, you may not be seeing your next-door neighbors as much as you’re used to. But you can still let them know you’re thinking of them! Bake them some cookies, write them a card, knit them a sweater — get creative! Leave it on their front steps as a nice surprise for them to enjoy. It’s the little things that really make a difference.
  • Smile and say hello (even from six feet away!) A smile can go a long way. A simple “hello” can make someone’s day. Right now, we could all use a little reminder that we are going through these tough times together — and that people still care! Next time you’re out for a walk or grabbing some groceries, don’t be afraid to wave to those around you.
  • Volunteer your help. Seek out opportunities to volunteer within your local community. Whether that means giving blood, providing monetary support, cooking meals, or offering your time. We’re all in this together — and we could all use extra support! Consider volunteering if you are able.

Let’s connect as a community. Be sure to share your favorite tips with the Bluewater Properties team with us in the comments.

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