Bluewater Properties: Why We Love Our Job

By January 22, 2019 Community, Our Company

Bluewater Properties is a full-service Real Estate company specializing in Property Management, Association Management, Brokerage, Leasing, Development, Investment, and Consulting. But what does it mean to the Bluewater team to be a property manager and why do they love their job? We sat down with the team to find out!

Why Do You Love Being a Property Manager?

We enjoy the diversity of the day to day happenings, it is never a dull moment. It’s great to meet the different people and different type of businesses around town, and it’s fun to get to know people in our community. These are people we pass on the street, who live in our neighborhoods, whose kids go to school with our kids, and their businesses are their livelihood. Our community is important to us, and so is their business.

A building is an important asset and investment for a business and we take pride in helping to improve and protect these investments. We make sure buildings run smoothly – heating/cooling, plumbing, snow removal, landscaping, most of your general maintenance items – and when problems arise we do our best to quickly resolve issues for our tenants and building owners. We handle the day to day tasks so the business owner can focus on what’s important – their business.

We enjoy the local aspect of it, watching the community and small businesses grow and thrive. We value our clients, our properties, and maintaining the highest level of service possible.

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