Who Let the Dogs Out? Dogs in the Office

By November 21, 2018 July 30th, 2019 Our Company, Your Office

If you’ve stopped by our office before, you may have been met with some wagging tails. On occasion you can find Oshie or other four legged friends in our office. Although our reasoning for bringing our companions to the office may be purely because we love them, there are benefits of this perk for offices. We understand that every company is different, but here are some of the benefits to letting dogs accompany their humans to work:


Dogs are great ice breakers. Co-workers who may not have interacted otherwise can be caught interacting by one simply stopping to pet their dog.

Encourage Breaks and Exercise

People who take short and frequent breaks during the day are shown to have more stamina and be more productive than those who won’t. Taking your four legged friend out for some fresh air might just be what you both need.

Relieve Stress and Mental Health

Dogs have been used as companion animals and in hospitals and centers to increase happiness and relieve stress of patients and tenants. The true can be same for dogs in the office, helping everyone decompress and feel less stressed.

Increase Productivity

Not having to rush home to take care of their four legged friend can allow employees to work longer hours or have fewer absences. This is especially beneficial for companies that require employees to be at the office for long periods of time. Dogs improve the work-life balance.

Company Loyalty

Having a pet friendly environment is a great way to add a cost-effective benefit and increase company loyalty. Dogs can be a great marketing asset.

However, if you are thinking about implementing this benefit it is important to keep a few things in mind:

Make Sure Dogs are “Office Ready”

Dogs have health issues or aggressive tendencies should not be allowed to go to work. Another important thing is to make sure the dogs are potty trained. Behavior assessments or documents from the vet might be good ways to screen pooches for the office.

Not Everyone Likes Dogs

Even though you may love dogs, not everyone is used to being surrounded by them. Some may be allergic, or have had a negative experience with dogs. Maybe have a designated area that is dog-friendly or a communal room to keep everyone comfortable.

Pet Proof Your Office

This could be an added cost, but it is important to make sure your workspace is safe for both your employees and pets.

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