Tenant Feature: Cannon Strength

By July 13, 2020 Tenants

At Bluewater Properties, we enjoy highlighting our tenants, and the great services that they provide for the Northfield community and beyond.

Recently, we visited with Donovan Belcourt of Cannon Strength gym in Northfield. We got to see this unique space for ourselves and chat about the great exercise options that they offer to our community members.

Cannon Strength is located at 2018 Jefferson Rd Suite B in Northfield.

How long has Cannon Strength been in Northfield?
We opened our doors 7/13/2018. That means we are right at two years!

What do you like about this location for Cannon Strength?
What we like best about the new space is the size. Another great feature is the huge and plentiful windows. They let a lot of positive energy in.

How many people work at Cannon Strength?
We have two coaches that work full time and a martial arts instructor that works part time.

Do you have a consistent group of regulars, many new clients, or a mixture of both?
With our expansion we have gained a ton of new people, but most of our original members are still around. We strive to make Cannon Strength feel like a second home. We have people that sometimes just stop in to hang out for a bit. Once someone gets a taste of a real community gym it’s hard to go back to a chain gym.

What services do you provide?
Given our education, our focus is on youth athletes, but we also offer 24 hr gym access, personal training, adult strength & conditioning classes as well as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu led by Alex Pearson.

If people are interested in your services, how should they contact you?
Email or phone calls work great –  donovanbelcourt@cannonstrength.com or (612) 460-7146.

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