Finding a property manager for your space is tricky. Whether you are a landlord, an owner, or a renter, you need the right person to take care of your needs. Property managers are supposed to alleviate your headaches and prevent future problems. You need to believe in their abilities and be able to trust them. Here are a few points to consider so you can find the right property manager:

  1. How many properties are they managing right now? Use your best judgement to determine what this means. Perhaps they are well-trusted by other clients, or maybe they are overwhelmed with work and wouldn’t be able to pay attention to you.
  2. How close are they located to your property? Will they neglect you as a client because you are outside of their normal range? You need to find someone who will be able to respond to your potential needs as a client.
  3. Have they managed a property like yours before? Different types of properties have distinctly different needs. Finding a property manager who can predict and respond to your unique needs is key to a great fit.
  4. What are their reviews? Check out the manager on Google, Facebook, Zillow, or other review sites. Take into account the experiences of their other clients.
  5. Do they own rental properties as well? Knowing how two sides of the relationship work could help your property manager to better serve your needs. Both owning and managing properties develops a specific and unique set of skills.
  6. What will your routine look like? Be sure to ask potential managers how frequently they will inspect your space, how they will respond to problems, and how they will communicate with your landlord or clients.

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