How To Combat Dangerous Icy Patches On Your Property

By December 7, 2015 September 12th, 2017 Building Safety, Property Management

Winter often proves itself to be a dangerous time of year in terms of weather conditions. From highways to sidewalks, there is always some danger to look out for. When temperatures fluctuate enough to melt snow and refreeze it as ice, landlords and property managers need to stay vigilant.

Landlord liability

Fault is tricky to navigate in slip and fall situations. Generally, if you own the property, you should ensure its safety for tenants. Especially if you know about an area that tends to be slippery, it’s you or your property manager’s responsibility to take care of it. (additional resources)

Be sure to check out our recent blog on reducing  landlord liability here.

Common slippery areas and dangerous conditions

  • Underneath gutters
  • In sloping parking lots with poor drainage
  • Areas with poor lighting
  • Hanging holiday lights (see our recent blog for safety tips)

How to prevent falls

  • Clean out gutters regularly (especially to remove fall leaves and debris)
  • Clear snow regularly
  • Put down salt or sand
  • Notify tenants of common dangerous areas
  • If ice does accumulate, be sure to chip it away

If you are a landlord who is too far from their property to check in during dangerous weather conditions, or if you have too many properties to check in with them all, you may want to consider hiring a property manager. Property managers can monitor your property, communicate with tenants, and take care of issues as they arise. Check out our recent blog on what property managers can do for you.


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