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Brand Yourself Consulting is a full-service marketing agency, offering a range of services including social media strategy, brand development, website development, photography, writing, and social media management.

How did you get involved in the online marketing industry?

headshot_tami-october-2014I’ve been in the design and marketing industry since 2001. I’ve always loved being creative and working with people. I knew I’d start a business someday but didn’t see the opportunity until social media became a very real marketing tool in 2010. Brand Yourself started with only one service — managing Facebook Pages for small businesses. Since 2011 we have grown into a full service design and marketing agency.

What kind of services does your business offer?

We offer identity and design (logos), websites, content management and distribution services (we will blog for you and post those blogs to your social media channels), photography services, and most recently, complete inbound marketing campaigns (your full-on digital strategy for your business). We love working one-on-one with clients on their social media strategy and providing social media marketing plans for businesses of all sizes.

Where do you see your business going in the future?

I hope to add some team members in 2017 to assist with project and content management. I see a lot of potential in helping businesses run social media campaigns and ads.

Why did you choose to become a member of Blue Inc?

I love Northfield! I’ve lived here my entire life and look forward to raising my kids here. Blue Inc. is great because I’m a very social person and renting an office on my own wouldn’t be ideal. I have people around me here and I can enjoy conversation and trouble-shoot with like-minded people. It is also phenomenally better than working from my home office.

What about Blue Inc benefits your business?

The share amenities such as a copier and internet. It keeps the cost down allowing me to free up my budget in other areas. I also really like the synergy here. The space inspires creativity and the people here are awesome.

What advice do you have for other business owners looking for a space?

Make sure the space feels right to you — sit down and give it a try before committing.

If people want to use your services, how should they get in contact with you?

Stop in to Blue Inc. or visit my website!

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