Easy DIY Christmas Décor for Your Office

By December 7, 2018 Your Office

Although it’s the holiday season, you’re still in your office getting things done right? We spend a lot of time at work, if your work place embraces the holiday festivities here are 13 DIY ways to give you’re your office some festive spirit! Because it’s all fun and games ’til Santa checks the naughty list. And you don’t want to be on there because you left your jolly attitude at home.

Using construction paper trace and cut out holiday words to hang around the office, some examples are:

  • “Merry and Bright”
  • “Jingle all the Way”
  • “Santa, I know him!”
  • “Ho-Ho-Ho!”

Using construction paper create Christmas garland with paper rings.

Using tape, create a Christmas tree shape on your office wall.

Make festive paper or popsicle stick snowflakes to hang all around.

Create a wreath for your office using old tree ornaments.

Using the round end of plastic spoons, paint them whatever color you like. Then create a cone shape using old cardboard and hot-glue the spoons on to form a tree.

Wrap empty boxes to have around like presents!

Using old fabric scraps create a garland and intertwine twinkle lights.

Wrap your cubicle in wrapping paper.

Put out a cute basket with free candy canes!

Hang Christmas tree ornaments from the ceiling.

Go real extra and create a faux fireplace with some empty boxes, construction paper, and paint. Don’t forge the Christmas stockings!

Cover your desk in fake cotton snow and hang Christmas tree icicle ornaments all around to create a winter wonderland!

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