Coming Soon, Feature Fridays

By April 21, 2015 Latest News, Tenants

As property managers, buyers, sellers, leasers, developers, and investors, we get to know a lot of great people. Specifically, we meet and work alongside some interesting and valued tenants. Each of our many Northfield properties is home to a unique business and group of people.

Because we think our tenants are so intriguing, we want to share their stories with you! Every other week, we will post the story of one of these local businesses. We’ll ask them about new developments in their businesses, best practices for utilizing their space, and sentiments they want to share with the Northfield community of patrons and business owners. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for sneak preview quotes and photos.

Do you have a question for all or one of our tenants? Mention it in a comment below, and we’ll feature your inquiry in our interview.


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