Tips for Creating a Successful Office Relocation Communication Plan

By July 23, 2018 Your Office

One of the most important pieces of your office move is a communication plan. This plan should cover how you’ll spread the word to customers, vendors, suppliers, couriers and other external stakeholders. The plan should also include how you will communicate and execute the move internally to your employees. In this blog we have included an example of a successfully executed communication plan. Here are some tips to help you design communication plan for your office relocation:

Start Early / Ease the Transition

Once the decision is made to make the move, employees should be brought into the loop and kept up-to-date on the details. Once you have decided on a new space and layout, share that with your employees so they know where they’ll be working. Photos or renderings are a great idea during this stage. Some employees will be excited about the office move, while others may not. Things employees will be thinking about are commute, if it changes their routine for childcare, etc. It is important to have a feedback process that allows for these concerns to be addressed. During the movie, your office may need to close to enable all the final packing and moving. Make sure this is communicated both externally and internally.

Methods of Communication / Delivering the Message

For internal, have signs posted in your current space. For external, make sure you have you signage figured out for the inside/outside of the new office so the transition of the company and branding is consistent. Make sure to update addresses on your website/social media pages. It’s also a good idea to share images of the new location in posts on social media.

Resources to Consider

Make sure to update an existing collateral with your new address prior to the move. A good idea is to create a press release and determine the proper channels to distribute that in. At this time also create collateral announcing the move to send out externally. Include your new address/map, your logo, and the announcement that you are moving with the date or that you have already moved. If you haven’t moved yet, make sure to send out another mode of communication, like an email both externally and internally, once the move is complete. Make sure you consider where your address is listed externally i.e. Google, Yellow Pages, Yelp,

Share Your New Space / Be Open to Feedback

Use all venues to get the word out: paid ads on Facebook, create a blog post and share it, or consistent social media posts. When doing social media posts include fun candid shots of your employees on moving day. An office move is a stressful time for everyone involved, consider hosting an open house or throwing a moving party for your staff and clients/customers. You could also do a virtual tour of the new space if your audience isn’t local.

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