There is a new tea in town, and it is delicious!

Bluewater Properties is proud to announce that one of our newest clients, Tin Tea, has recently opened for business in Heritage Square off Highway 3 at 2010 Jefferson Rd Suite C in Northfield.

We spoke with owner Chau Truong about Tin Tea’s delicious offerings and how their business is settling into the Northfield community.

How long has Tin Tea been in Northfield?
Tin Tea has been in Northfield for a little under a month. We had our grand opening at the end of last month.

What do you like about this location for Tin Tea?
At first, we were worried about our location because there isn’t much foot traffic compared to downtown. However, we have fallen in love with the location because of all of its parking spaces and the amazing businesses around us! We have found Tin Tea to be people’s favorite place to stop before going to Target or their nail appointment. We also get a lot of visibility since we are right off HWY 3! All in all, we have loved the convenience of our location and have loved every second being here.

How many people work at Tin Tea?
There are 5 employees that work at Tin Tea as ‘Bobaristas’. Most of the shop is run and managed by our family, so we decided to keep our staff small for now. We hope to have more people on the Tin Tea team in the near future.

What do you offer on your menu?
We offer bubble tea, coffee, smoothies, caffeine boosters and non-caffeinated specials!

What are your hours of operation?
For now, we are open Wednesday through Sunday 11AM until 7PM. Our hours will more than likely change depending on the season and what hours our customers like to visit the most!

If people want to get in contact with you, how should they do that? Do you have any social media pages for them to follow?
You can find us on Instagram @tintea_mn or our Facebook page @TinTeaMN! We post on those accounts daily and love engaging with our Tin Tea customers there.

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