Reflections on His Internship with Bluewater Properties | Ethan Finger: Year Two

By August 9, 2018 Our Company

This is Ethan’s second year interning for Bluewater Properties, we sat down with him to learn about his experience this time around:

How does your second year internship differ from the first year?

“I have a lot more knowledge coming into it. I learned a lot last year, and I was able to utilize that and help them out even more this year.”

What is your focus of studies?

“I will be a senior at the University of St. Thomas where I am studying for my entrepreneurial degree with an emphasis on real estate.”

Have you always known you wanted to get into real estate?

“I think I’ve always wanted to get into real estate, even when I was younger going to different cities and seeing what works really intrigued me. My internship with Bluewater and school has really helped me hone in on that.”

“I was born and raised in Northfield, my parents own two local business. I could see myself coming back here in the future and exploring development opportunities.”

What aspects of what Bluewater Properties does helps fit into your future?

“The community focus and enhancing local markets. Really investing in the town where you live. I am geared more towards the commercial focus, but not too urbanized. Really keeping the downtown vibe.”

What have you learned this past summer with your second internship?

“With Bluewater I have gotten more of a focus on underwriting and putting together proposals. I have learned a lot more of the technical side of things, and I am more capable of helping with those types of tasks now. Last year I did a lot more shadowing, this year I was off more on my own and trusted to help more.”

What is one thing Chris has told you that has really stuck with you?

“A lot of funny things, but the biggest take away is to not fall in love with a property. Meaning you don’t want to get sucked into a property that isn’t a good investment, make sure you aren’t looking at it with rose colored glasses.”

What was the most challenging part of your internship?

“Not knowing how to do some of the stuff they wanted me to do. You learn as you go, and learn outside of the office hours. Also balancing that with school and other outside activities.”

What was the most rewarding part of your internship?

“Getting to be more a part of the community. It opened doors to allow me to be able to connect with people I wouldn’t otherwise be able to.”

What was it like winning Golf-a-Palooza for the second time with the team?

“It’s always a good time. I used to golf a lot more, so it’s a struggle. It’s fun to drive around on the cart with the guys. Hopefully there’s a three-peat in the future.”

Any advice for someone looking for an internship?

“Go into it with an open mindset and be able to learn as you go. If you have an interest in a career find someone who Is doing it right now and ask them to go get coffee. Now is the time to learn and not have to figure it out after college.”


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