Micropolitan Real Estate

By August 23, 2021 Community


Definition: An urban area with a population of at least 10,000 but less than 50,000.

When you read that definition, did you think of Northfield? Maybe you will now, knowing that Northfield can be defined as a micropolitan center itself. According to the most recent Census data, Northfield’s population currently sits at 20,908. That means it sits comfortably between the minimum and maximum population requirements.

Small Town, City Advantages
The Northfield community is unique in that it feels like a smaller town, but it has many of the same advantages as a city. A lot has changed in Northfield throughout the years, but a lot has remained the same too. The Bluewater Properties team is honored to be part of a town that prioritizes what’s best for the community while simultaneously welcoming change.

Our Role in the Community
Bluewater Properties helps to promote this type of growth through our services. Micropolitan real estate requires an innate attention to detail that does a responsible job of finding solutions for an expanding town.

Our services range from property and association management to brokerage, development, and investment. We truly have our finger on the pulse of the community in all respects of real estate. This is where our expertise shines, and this is why we are a trusted name in the micropolitan setting of Northfield. Downtown Northfield continues to thrive, especially with the addition of new buildings and the renovation and upkeep of historic ones. Additionally, there is continued interest along Highway 3, which includes the Bluewater Properties owned Heritage Square. We are proud to be involved in the growth of our city.

Strong Foundation, Great Potential
We understand that Northfield will never be a metropolitan hub like the Twin Cities, and we believe that there are benefits to that. Northfield has a strong foundation, and it doesn’t need skyscraper buildings in order to prove itself. However, as long as there is opportunity to expand, we believe that all aspects should be considered.

Through our rental properties and commercial projects, we promise to continue to highlight the economic benefit that a micropolitan setting can provide to businesses. We strive to help the community members as well as local business owners see the success that they can find here!

If you have questions and want to learn how your business could expand in our area, please don’t hesitate to contact us — we would be happy to assist!

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