How to Conserve Energy in the Office

By January 11, 2015 Your Office


Interested in learning how you can conserve energy in your office this year? We put together a list of things you can do to help improve your office’s energy saving practices. Do you have any other great energy saving tips? Comment below!

  • Turn off lights and electronics. At the end of your work day or before you leave the office for the weekend, make sure to turn off all your lights and electronics. This will help you save a great deal of energy. Not using a conference room? Make sure all of the lights are turned off. If you have an office building with large windows, consider turning the lights off for a few hours each day and utilize the natural sunlight. 
  • Keep the thermostat at a consistent temperature each season. Seasons change, so its understandable your thermostat will as well. However, you should have all your employees agree on a set temperature before setting your thermostat for the season. Adjusting the thermostat constantly throughout the work day will increase your energy usage. 
  • Upgrade office appliances. Purchase new office appliances to replace the old or energy inefficient ones. Look for appliances which specifically advertise energy efficiency. You could even change your office light bulbs from incandescent to compact florescent bulbs, saving you up to 50% on lighting costs throughout the year.
  • Put your computer on sleep. Your screen saver doesn’t help save energy. Consider putting your computer on sleep or energy saving mode when not in use. Even powering your computer down at the end of the day will help you save on energy costs.
  • Encourage your employees to carpool or bike. Encourage your employees to save money on their commute by carpooling with others or biking to work. You can do this by implementing a commuting reward program. Not only does this help the environment, but your employees will be rewarded for their efforts to save energy.
  • Reduce paper usage. Look for ways you can save paper in the office. For example, instead of printing out an entire employee handbook, send your new employees an electronic copy. Encourage your employees to go mostly digital or to share files with others on a cloud.
  • Maintain your HVAC system. Check and regularly maintain your HVAC system by replacing broken components, cleaning out dirty or clogged vents, and/or taking steps to improve air circulation. Consider replacing old units with a newer, energy-efficient model.
  • Weather-proof your office. Do you notice any drafts coming from your windows or doors? Weather-proof your building by sealing up any drafts, fixing any roof or wall leaks, upgrading your insulation, and/or installing weather strips on your doors. Maintaining a weather-proof office will help keep your thermostat where it needs to be.

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