Unique businesses require unique solutions.

Commercial real estate amenities differ greatly depending on location and budget. But there is truly something out there for everyone. At Bluewater Properties, we have worked with many clients to find the perfect place for their business to call home.

When the time comes to look for your next commercial rental, consider the following amenities. Of course, not every property will be guaranteed to have these available, but this list can act as your starting point.

Communal areas
Spaces such as break rooms, kitchenettes, conference rooms, and even lobbies can add tremendous value to a rental. Communal areas add more usable space for you and your team.

Security measures
Investigate the security measures that are in place or ask about what can be implemented. It’s important to know who has access to the building and how the building is monitored.

Options for parking
Ask about parking. Are there reserved spots for your team? Is a parking garage available or perhaps a parking lot? Are you comfortable with on-street parking? It’s crucial to know these things for when you are commuting to the office.

What matters to you matters to us. Let’s find a commercial space that your business can be successful in — together.

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