Are you a model tenant?

By February 6, 2020 Tenants

Of course you are! You pay your rent (close to) on time and haven’t made any big holes in the wall, what more could a landlord want? Both you and your landlord or property manager want nothing more than to leave each other in peace. As the tenant, there are some simple but effective things you can do to create harmony in your leasing relationship.
Read the lease
While it sounds as exciting as reading the dictionary, you might find some rules or guidelines that you didn’t notice when signing. The lease may include rules about decorating or a requirement to maintain an outdoor space such as a patio or balcony. There may be specific rules about guests or restrictions on subleases. Avoid arguments later by understanding the landlord’s expectations up-front.
Keep open lines of communication
Has something about the property or another tenant been bothering you? Don’t let the issue stew to the boiling point – communicate with your property manager. There may be a simple explanation or resolution to the problem!
Pay on time
Keep in mind that you and your landlord need to keep finances in balance. The lease may offer a grace period, but be sure you understand the limits or consequences of using it.
Respect the property and other tenants
Be a respectful and courteous neighbor. Create an environment where you can speak with consideration to other tenants instead of instantly asking the property manager to mediate an argument. Also, respect your space – keep your clean and tidy. If you are allowed to have pets, pick up after them!
Being a model tenant involves common sense and an open mind. Living or working in close quarters with others is bound to have its problems. But through knowledge of the rules and open dialogue, it can be an excellent experience.

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