A Day in the Life of a Property Manager

By January 15, 2020 Our Company

We had an opportunity to step through the responsibilities and activities of an average day with Sara Mosman, Property Manager here at Bluewater.

What does a typical morning include?

After arriving at the office, I work through all emails to make sure I respond to anything that needs urgent attention. I knock out the most important to-do items, so they are out of the way for the day.

What tasks fill each day at Bluewater?

When Bluewater began managing The Crossing property in May 2018, I became the Property Manager. Now I oversee three additional associations in the area, including Village on the Cannon. My responsibilities include: coordinating vendor maintenance work at each site, working with the association boards to create budgets and financial reports, receiving all dues, and ensuring all bills are paid for the property. When a unit is sold, I provide the buyer with association documents, new-owner orientation, and everything they need to know to be happy and settled in their new home.

What is your favorite part of working for Bluewater?

I really enjoy the financial side of the business – creating budgets, overseeing improvement projects to the buildings, and working on cost-saving and environmentally friendly improvements by increasing a building’s efficiency. At Bluewater, we take pride in keeping the value for the homeowners strong, so I like working with capital improvement projects and building maintenance. I’m also thrilled that we have a new system that offers online access for residents to check their account status, pay dues or rent online, and submit work orders.

What is the most challenging part of your job?

Managing associations means managing the different opinions and expectations of homeowners. Communication is key, and remembering that we are all striving toward the same goal – a thriving building association and property.

What brought you to Bluewater? 

I worked for Welsh Companies, now Colliers International, in Minnetonka from 2008 – 2012 doing commercial real estate management. Chris Kennelly was a colleague at Welsh, so when I decided to get back in the workplace, I was able to meet up with Chris and take advantage of an opening at Bluewater in November 2016.


Tell us a little about yourself outside of work. 

I hang out with my two sweet daughters, my dog, and my husband! We love to spend family time doing artwork, playing games, and reading books. In the summer, we take every opportunity to go to the park or visit the library. We can often be found just exploring Northfield – we love this community and feel grateful to be raising our family here.

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