4 Reasons to Improve Your Property’s Landscape

By March 11, 2015 Latest News

In our Simple Property Updates for 2015 post, we highlighted some small and low-cost changes you can make to your property this year. One of those simple updates was boosting your property’s curb appeal. Come spring, you’ll have a chance to improve your commercial property’s aesthetics and value by investing in a quality landscape.

  • Increase Property Value – The more appealing your landscape, the more value it will add to your property. According to The Economic Value of Landscaping, “Landscaping can add up to 14 percent to the resale value of a building, and speed up its sale by up to six weeks.”
  • Appealing to Future Tenants – A manicured landscape generally indicates a well-maintained facility. When potential tenants view your building, the landscaping and building exterior will be their first impression of the property. Cultivate good initial impressions with a beautiful landscape.
  • Noise Reduction and Privacy – Trees contribute a variety of benefits beyond regular aesthetic appeal. They provide natural shade for you building, keeping the harsh sunlight from penetrating your complex’s windows. They also provide ample privacy and buffer noise generated from high-trafficked roads.
  • Add a Touch of Green – Boost the curb appeal of a non-descript commercial property by investing in some color, adding flowers or small shrubbery will increase your property’s aesthetics. The color green has been known to help reduce stress and increase tenant satisfaction.

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